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This activity was held in period after OER19. We are holding an extension activity in the two weeks leading up to ALTC 2019 that starts on 3 September.

You can find out more about the activity at the blog post Data, Dialogue and Doing in FemEdTech Values Development

Helen Beetham and Frances Bell hosted a Values activity at Monday 29 April – Friday 10 May 2019. You can find the writings by participants at

Why ‘Femedtech’? Some of the published writings on this site address the personal and collective histories that have brought people here.

How femedtech? If we want to share a feminist space at the intersection of technology and education, how should we define it? How can we share it openly and with respect for each other? How can we challenge the operations of power and privilege within our shared spaces – and within ourselves – while we support each other with care?

After some of us met virtually and IRW at OER19 we decided to hold a ‘values’ space for a couple of weeks in which this would be our focus. We invite you to join us, whatever your previous involvement with #femedtech (or none).Please read our first values statement, which we will be challenging, refining and shaping with your help; and our Code of Conduct that applies to those posting at this site.

Please consider how values have been developed and expressed by other feminist groups and groups with a focus on inequality. For example, we like the feminist principles of the internet and this discussion about them at the Internet Freedom Festival. We don’t want to reproduce good work that already exists.

Please think about any real world examples you know – projects, organisations, web sites, activities – that express the values of #femedtech or what those values could be.

Please reflect and blog about all of these, using the hashtag #femedtech or #femedtechvalues. You could consider posting here in Writings or syndicating your personal post there, with links to relevant categories. People tell us that posting is really straightforward and there is more information about Femedtech and posting here.