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 Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay

This is a soft launch of the FemEdTech Bibliography. We have collected references relevant to FemEdTech through various activities over the last couple of years, most recently the development of the Call for papers for Special Issue – Feminist perspectives on Learning Media and Technology . We are publishing the Bibliography in its initial state as we believe that some of the references may be useful to authors submitting abstracts for the Special Issue.

Meanwhile we are working on a process for people to add items to the bibliography tied into FemEdTech activities, and considering issues of quality and categorisation. We hope to include this in Version 2. If you wish to help with this work please check out Call for Participation in FemEdTech Open Bibliography.

The FemEdTech Bibliography is a Public Open Library at, meaning anyone on the Internet can view and export references, and there are no files attached to the references. If you have a Zotero account and a Zotero client application installed on your desktop, you can synchronize the FemEdTech Bibliography with your own Zotero database to keep up to date as the bibliography grows. The Zotero Groups video gives a good brief explanation.

Please make any comments at this page – we welcome constructive feedback.