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This website is an extra-institutional initiative developed by the femedtech network to gather contributions and facilitate discussions in advance of an Open Space participatory session at the OER19 Recentering Open Conference.

In order to encourage participation, members of the community are invited to contributeĀ stories and reflections on the questions and themes outlined here. We also welcome contributions and reflections on all aspects and experiences of openness from feminist perspectives.

During the conference session we will introduce the femedtech Open Space, invite participants to contribute and discuss their own ideas and reflections. We’ll summarise progress to date, invite feedback from session participants, outline future plans, and encourage participants to continue engaging with othersā€™ contributions after the conference.

We hope to explore how we build our communities and practices here and elsewhere in the #femedtech network, informed by the work of Michie, Balaam, McCarthy, et al (2018) in their online activism and story-telling during #Repealthe8th.  

Inspired by Dignazio & Klein (2018), we will develop an inclusive values statement iteratively in conjunction with activities on the Open Space and across the femedtech community.

~ Frances Bell, Lorna M. Campbell, Maren Deepwell & Sheila MacNeill.

Twitter: @femedtech