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Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash
Today I start to share some random thoughts in this space for the OER19 Open Space session.  In no particular order over the coming weeks I’ll share thoughts to the initial set of questions in the conference abstract.

Is openness an act of conformance or defiance?

Some random thoughts:

Is the push for open education to be recognised at policy level ( international, national, institutional, organisational)  driving conformance and therefore compliance?  

I have deliberately used openness as an act of defiance or perhaps as an act of subterfuge to circumvent institutional conformance.  I put CC licences on resources I create – I don’t ask I just do it – proceed until apprehended is the mantra.

Are institutional/national/organisational open infrastructures just other forms of control, circumventing openness into conformity, compliance.  Be open, but only in our open spaces where the organisation ultimately has control to close you down?

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