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Some of you may have noticed that we haven’t yet got a Volunteers list up for 2020 but I promise that will happen by the end of my curation – hopefully by the middle of next week. If you would like to curate 17-27 Feb, please contact me by email frabell at gmail dotcom with your ideas for your curation, remembering that we also welcome paired curation.

A few of us previous curators have been reflecting on the experience of curation and I’d like to extend this reflection to past curators and followers of @femedtech and #femedtech.

Practices at @femedtech and #femedtech have emerged, and a New Year seems like a good time reflect on what we do and how we do it. We might find even better ways to do things.

In her curation, Lorna Campbell introduced us to the wonderful AO3 via this post AO3 – The mad woman in the open source attic? And in another post she says “Archive or Our Own is a unique example of a repository that has had a transformational effect on a community of content creators, and represents a design philosophy that could benefit other platforms as well.” I think we can look to AO3 for inspiration in design changes we make to our practices and spaces at FemEdTech.

We launched our Open Space in preparation for OER19, and I think it’s fair to say that our SPLOT (courtesy of the marvellous Alan Levine AKA @cogdog) has opened up many opportunities.

A pair of hands holding up femedtech, highlighting feminism, education and technology

FemEdTech Philosophy and Vision

This image presented in our Open Space presentation at #OER19 captures the meaning of Feminism, Education and Technology in our practice. As we said then:

“Our name femedtech points to three important threads: feminism, whose theories can speak so much to our lived experiences; education, the domain in which most of us work and a site of flux; and technology (yes it’s a little bit broken) that offers so much but brings its own problems.

We previously had a web site but it wasn’t sustainable. Femedtech people are very busy and time can be a scarce resource.”

We are hoping to make the FemEdTech Open Space our website and integrate it more closely with the other spaces. To enable anonymous posting at the Open Space, we developed a Code of Conduct. We also undertook several Values Building activities during 2019.

We are thinking about extending our Code of Conduct to cover Curation as well as posts to We will be inviting curators to contribute, if they wish, to rewriting the Code.

If you have not yet been a curator but have some views on this move, please share them at #femedtech on Twitter, or as a Writing at

We are also thinking about our conversational practices at FemEdTech.

How and where can we hold conversations on FemEdTech topics?

How can we disagree agreeably?

We’d love to know what you think.

There will be an activity about criticality next week.