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There are some familiar names, associated with FemEdTech, on the programme and some I have met at the socials. They might have curated @femedtech, or posted to #FemEdTech on Twitter or Mastodon, or contributed a square or fabric to the FemEdTech quilt.

If you are , or might be, interested in FemEdTech, here are some ways you can engage with the network at this busy conference, whether you are at Inverness or elsewhere.

  1. Explore our SPLOT website: find out about Femedtech, look through our Writings (it’s easy to contribute too at Write); and look at the lovely Special Issue of Learning Media & Technology, highlighted at its own page with open access to almost all of the articles at
  2. Explore the Digital Quilt, especially the stories (crafted by the lovely Anne-Marie Scott, content from many) at There will also be a #OER23 square available for you to add a button or a few stitches. Once complete the square will be attached, to Quilt 2.Image of Quilt 2 from FemEdTech Quilt
  3. Quilt 2 is at the conference, and will be available to see at the seating area at the top of the stairs a few times over the next 2 days, starting with the lunch break on 5 April
  4. Attend the session “Using  feminist posthuman storytelling to promote activism in FemEdTech/ Open Education” that Lou Mycroft and I are giving in 203/4 at 11:50 on Thursday 6 April.

Watch out for Femedtech folk around the conference, they can highlight themselves by writing #FemEdTech on their conference badge!

You are very welcome!