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Two dogs playing

Let’s Play by cogdog Attribution (CC BY 2.0)

I have been looking forward to curating @FemEdTech and #FemEdTech in March 2023. A lot has happened since I last did a curation stint. For one thing, the Twitter landscape looks very different since my last time. I have been flirting with moving @francesbell from Twitter to Mastodon but my progress to date is limited to being less active on Twitter rather than making major strides on Mastodon.

I intend to use my time as curator to explore ideas with the FemEdTech network about what curation means at FemEdTech – where and how can we curate? What can we do and share?

I do not know the answers to these questions and I am hoping for some good insights and discussions from FemEdTechers.. It’s taken a few days to get going @FemEdTech but I am going to start with some ways to engage with FemEdTech that anyone can do.

The first is the FemEdTech hashtag. #FemEdTech is active on Twitter and we can look for ways to make #FemEdTech active on the mastodon fediverse too.

I am going to be cross-posting between @FemEdTech on Twitter and my account on mastodon I had hoped to automate the cross-posting but it seems that is a bit uncertain just now so I might have to cut and paste , remembering to include #FemEdTech at Mastodon.

So what can you do ? You can respond and share @FemEdTech at Twitter, #FemEdTech at Twitter and Mastodon, and follow my Mastodon account  during March.

My next post will be about curation and sharing at FemEdTech Writings.

Let’s keep playing and learning!