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The femedtech quilt is unfinished. It will never be finished, it is always becoming.

The quilt will travel physically and in the imagination, bringing hope and inspiration.

The quilt provides a quiet space, a sewing circle, to connect and reconnect.

The physicality and materiality of the quilt is important, it deserves to be touched, handled, loved. This might cause it to become “damaged” in some way, but this is part of its becoming, its growth, its legacy.  And aren’t we all a little damaged?  That’s what makes us both human and post-human.  Covid deprived us of touch, it separated us, the femedtech quilt project enabled us to reconnect across social distances. Being able to touch the quilt, and each other, again is the next step in that reconnection, the next step in the quilt’s becoming. Touch reconnects us with joy.

This post was inspired by watching people interact with the quilt at the ALT Conference and OER23. Despite the signs (in my own hand writing!) saying "Please don't touch", people couldn't help touching the quilt. It's joyful to see.