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In some previous years, for International Women’s Day, I have highlighted the contributions of individual women but this year, I would like to highlight the contributions of the many who have created the shared Twitter account @FemEdTech. Each curator spends two weeks curating the account and the hashtag #FemEdTech. They have helped the network grow in terms of number of followers and tweets posted in a little under two years of shared curation.

FemedTech Graph

In January, we announced that we were reviewing the whole curation process by surveying past curators. We have had 18 responses, and I am pleased to report that all of them agreed, in principle, to us adapting Code of Conduct to cover curation as well as posting writings as originally intended.

Curators’ responses have helped us to understand better what it means to curate an account that is shared by many.

In announcing our review, we posed these questions

How and where can we hold conversations on FemEdTech topics?

How can we disagree agreeably?

We wanted to offer support for Curation that went beyond a Code of Conduct. The survey responses have offered a wealth of ideas on how we might support Curators through the process and via Support Resources. Work is still ongoing on to finalise the revised Code of Conduct and the new Support Resources with the help of volunteers from survey respondents.

If you are thinking about volunteering to be a Curator for the first time, please complete the short survey, linked from this post.