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FemEdTech’s pause of shared curation in January 2020 lasted a lot longer than anticipated. There is a story to be told but that’s for another time.  We have been busy and sometimes pre-occupied over this last year.

Maren Deepwell re-opened the shared curation in style

As we need a process and support resources for when we re-open shared curation to volunteers, experienced curators are working behind the scenes to develop and experiment with what can work to support curators. Maren handed back to me on Friday and we learned more about the handover process.

We are also exploring how curators may, if they wish, use Writings at in conjunction with @FemEdTech and #FemEdTech

Ethics and Learning Technology

The theme for my curation is inspired by the important work that the Association for Learning Technology is undertaking on ALT’s ethical framework for Learning Technology. Ethics has never been more important than now: we have become increasingly aware of platform surveillance , Algorithms of Oppression and the baked-in nature of inequalities.

I really appreciate ALT shining a light on ethics in the context of their CMALT professional accreditation framework

our initial aim is for ALT to establish a framework that can be used as a starting point for informing the ethical use of Learning Technology by professionals, institutions and industry.

I know from work I did with Alison Adam in the late 1990s/ early 2000s that both Codes of Conduct and Ethics Education in Computer Science and Information Systems can be challenging. Twenty years later, the domain of Learning Technology is even more challenging with plagiarism detection and exam proctoring systems.

During my curation, I wish, with help from FemEdTech, to amplify the work of ALT on their Ethical Framework.  You are invited to join me in sharing resources, ideas and stories relating to Ethics and Learning Technology by:

·       Tweeting them to @FemEdTech and/or with #FemEdTech #Ethics hashtags

·       Posting writings at using the category Ethics, earlier post on Writing stories

At the end of my curation I will create an Archive at the website, including tagged Tweets for #FemEdTech #Ethics; and Writings with category Ethics. I would like to highlight the opportunity to post Writings anonymously as long as they comply with Those working in organisations/ institutions may experience ethical dilemmas that are difficult to speak of publicly. This is the place for you.