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biscuit with green icing and #femedtech written on it

femedtechbiscuit by @maren deepwell

Mary Loftus who was curating @femedtech at that time facilitated an activity for #WorldValuesDay, kicked off by this tweet

The Values
RESPECT – @WarwickLanguage @sharonlflynn

EQUALITY – @MarenDeepwell @francesbell

FREEDOM – @LouMycroft

COMMUNITY – @LouMycroft

INCLUSION – @sharonlflynn

TOLERANCE –  @francesbell

KINDNESS – @daveowhite @josiefraser

GENEROSITY –  @LornaMCampbell

COURAGE – @josiefraser

COMMUNITY – @sheilmcn

HUMOUR – @sheilmcn

EMPATHY – @jennihayman

WALK THE TALK – @WarwickLanguage

RESILIENCE? – @daveowhite

INTEGRITY – @fmacneill

AUDACITY – @StevenH667

RESOLVE – @StevenH667

TENACITY – @StevenH667

MUTUAL BOOSTING – @louisedrumm

SINGING *AND* DANCING – @WarwickLanguage @louisedrumm

CARE – @digisim

CAKE – @marendeepwell

@edifiedlistener came up with an interesting ‘adjacent’ question relating to institutional identity

and of course the equally adjacent question of whether @femedtech can have an identity: and how  how is it formed, defined, enacted is highly relevant to our current and ongoing values development at @femedtech #femedtech.

Have you any thoughts how #femedtechvalues relate to @femedtech identity?

Please share them here or at #femedtech #femedtechvalues on Twitter.

original values activity by @marloft