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Call for participation
The femedtech Quilt of Care and Justice in Open Education

To coincide with the OER20 Conference femedtech has launched a collaborative project to create a Quilt of Care and Justice.   To find out how you can contribute to this project visit:


Welcome to our femedtech Open Space, find out more about us here.  This web site was launched in conjunction with the OER19 Femedtech Open Space session. There is an archive of the details of the activity here and you can find the archived discussion under the subcategories of the Archive menu.

Everyone is welcome to participate by writing, sharing and commenting.  You can post writings at femdtech.net at any time, and you may wish to share a link to your post at #femedtech : writings can be text, images, videos, GIFS, whatever you like.

If this is your first visit please read about the Open Space before going to write , more detailed explanation on how to is here.

In order to ensure that the femedtech Open Space is equitable, accessible and inclusive, participants can contribute to this site anonymously if they choose.   All contributions to the Open Space are moderated before they are published.  Please review our Conduct statement before contributing to the discussions.

The #femedtech Open Space was created by @lornamcampbell and @francesbell and is generously hosted by Reclaim Hosting.  Reclaim Hosting provides educators and institutions with an easy way to offer their students domains and web hosting that they own and control.

This site uses the TRU Writer SPLOT WordPress theme developed by Alan Levine.  You can install it on any hosted WordPress site using a theme available on GitHub. If you have a domain on Reclaim Hosting you can install a preconfigured version of TRU Writer with just one click.   Please consider supporting this work by becoming a Patron. 

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