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Feminist and other books

Feminist and other books Frances Bell CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

There have been a few projects related to reading and scholarship at #FemEdTech over the last few years. Some of them are gathered together at the Readings page: others may be lurking in the stream. I have set up a Zotero Group called FemEdTech Bibliography(link updated). Populating the bibliography and establishing a process for adding new entries seems timely during this time when we hope some FemEdTech people will be submitting abstracts to The Call for Papers for the Special Issue – Feminist perspectives on learning, media and educational technology. It will be an opportunity for FemEdTech to share readings already collected, for Special Issue Editors to share references with prospective authors, and for prospective authors to share references via Femedtech.

But first we need to establish a process for adding entries to the bibliography. We are looking for people to work in a small group to:

  • Brainstorm a process and support resources for contributors and readers of the bibliography. It would be very useful to have at least one person who has used Zotero Groups before.
  • Populate the Bibliography with references already collected.
  • Create a page at the website to replace the Readings page – linking to the bibliography, publishing the resources and process.
  • Market the bibliography at @FemEdTech #FemEdTech.

If you wish to participate please complete this short form Now closed.