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femedtech are a reflexive, emergent network of people learning, practising and researching in educational technology. We are an informal organisation with no funding: our resources are our passion, kindness, knowledge, enthusiasm and volunteer time.

femedtech emerged in 2016 after discussions at a social occasion attended by women working in Educational Technology in the UK. After extended explorations, the name and concept of the network was established, femedtech: reflecting feminist pespectives on the domain of Education Technology. femedtech appeared as a Twitter hashtag #femedtech (slightly later as a Twitter account @femedtech) and a website, (now defunct). The first website proved to be unsustainable for the femedtech network, while the Twitter account and hashtag  became the identity for femedtech.

In April 2018, femedtech adopted an approach that had been considered for some time: shared curation, inspired by the approach of @IndigenousX. Volunteers signed up via a simple online space for two week curation slots, choosing their own theme and approach.

Shared curation has proven to be an excellent way to grow the network; to reach beyond the UK; to support each other in education technology; and to share good practice in a sustainable fashion, sparking developments such as this new web site.