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As part of the Open Publishing Fest we are facilitating a panel-led twitter chat on open educational resources, labor and equity in open publishing; hash tags #OpenLabor & #OpenPublish

Date: May 26th

Time: 18:00 UTC (8:00am Hawaii, 11:00am Pacific US/Can, 2:00pm Eastern US/Can, 7pm UK, 8pm Central Europe and South Africa, 9pm Eastern Europe, May 27 6:00am New Zealand)

Organizers: @LaborOpen, @BillyMeinke @LornaMCampbell @Pgogy @PhilBarker

We invite all members of the #femedtech community, and all those with an interest in labour in the open education and open publishing domains, to join us.  You’re welcome to participate in the twitter chat, or post your response to the question below here on

This session focuses on the topics of digital labor, social justice, knowledge equity and technology in relation to Open Publishing and Open Educational Resources (OER). It will take the form of a Twitter chat that will be seeded by questions and provocations.

The chat will begin by focusing on the predicament of participating in the conversation itself, looking at how the current situation has reinforced sadly ever-present structural inequalities (see for example the #FemEdTech Open Letter to Editors / Editorial Boards), before exploring the problems that need to be addressed regarding digital labor as it relates to  publishing in open.

The goal of this event is to help expose and collate examples of the issues encountered, and if possible, how these issues could potentially be ameliorated.

As per standard twitter chats there will be a hashtag open for anyone to use (#OpenLabor), but to help spur interaction, and to show our willingness to address these issues, some tweets from the community will be used to help seed and grow the conversation. As responses are made and conversations build, the facilitators will reply and encourage further contributions. 

The main themes that emerge from the session will be summarised by the facilitators, and all tweets will be collated using TAGSExplorer, in order to create an open archive of the event.  This will enable issues raised and solutions (both discussed and implemented) to be amplified to the broader open community. For those who weren’t able to participate a Twitter moment will be created and the hashtag will, of course, remain open for use once the chat has finished.

Questions/prompts for panelists and Schedule

Q1, at 5 minutes past the hour

  • How are individuals from underrepresented groups involved in open publishing initiatives, and what can be done to improve equity in participation?

Q2, at 15 minutes past the hour

  • What drives successful, equitable open publishing initiatives in education? (example: direct monetary support such as funding to faculty)

Q3, at 30 minutes past the hour

  • In what ways will open publishing change education in the context of increased economic austerity?

Q4, at 45 minutes past the hour

  • Is the open publishing model just?
  • Who has the privilege to be able to contribute their labor? Who can afford to pay APCs?