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I was lucky enough to be involved in the Guerrilla EdTech responses to Climate Change: Reframing, Rewilding, Reimagining session at #OER23 with Louise Drumm, and led by Clare Thomson. It was a hand-on crafting using denim and all sorts to capture our ideas.

Once everyone was happy with what they were doing, I started on my own piece. I spied a lovely denim piece that incorporated most of a beautiful embroidered pocket.

Guerilla EdTech art work

I decided to repair the pocket with some ordinary blue thread and stitched on 2 bells. My idea was that I had repaired the breach of the safe space of the pocket but the repair was fragile so I added 2 bells next to the repair to warn to keep away from the fragile area.

Yesterday, I finished the leaf adding more strength to the repair with green embroidery thread. I also added a green satin stitch “thing” snaking into the pocket for safety.

For me the snaking thing represented my repetitive and time-consuming practice of managing cookies as I interact with websites and apps, trying but never sure that I am managing to keep my data as safe as possible.  For the the green snake is my data trying to hide in the pocket yet keeping away from the fragile repair.

You can take my artefact to mean whatever you choose – that’s textile art for you!

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