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Rose on books

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Two weeks ago we launched a Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Learning, Media and Technology (LMT) – Feminist perspectives on learning, media and educational technology. We had planned for some time to collect the various sources and scholarly references gathered at #FemEdTech events and yesterday we did a soft launch of the FemEdTech Bibliography that exists as a Zotero Open Group. We have yet to iron out a workable group process for adding items to the Zotero group but we are on the case. At present, I add to the group within my local Zotero and then synchronise. I have only been using Zotero in earnest for a week, but I am already impressed with the way you can add a reference from its ISBN or DOI identifier. This should really help with the quality and completeness of our references.

When we were preparing for the launch of the bibliography, Maha Bali asked an interesting question on Twitter.

I am already aware of some writing groups setting up for authors considering an abstract for the Special Issue. We really hope that the bibliography will be useful for those writing groups.

The next stage of the Special Issue will be after decisions have been made and authors are beginning to write full papers. By that stage, we hope to have a sound process for people to share references via the bibliography if they wish to do so. Who knows? the bibliography may become a means of interaction and collaboration during the creation of the Special Issue and beyond.